Kreayshawn Says She Got Catfished by Guy Pretending to be Diplo


Kreayshawn Says She Got Catfished by Guy Pretending to be Diplo


Make all the jokes you want about Kreayshawn, but I always thought underneath the goofy character she seemed like a decent enough person, and I certainly experienced no gleeful schadenfreude when her album ended up flopping and we shuffled her back into the recycle bin of internet jokes. So perhaps that’s why, as this post on Noisey points out, there’s something sort of heartbreaking about her story of getting catfished by someone who she assumed was Diplo for years.

In a vlog she recently posted, she talks about the moment when she felt like she could make music for a living, when Mad Decent, Diplo’s taste-making label, posted one of her videos back around 2009. Around the time she got an email from Diplo, or someone who she presumed was him, who she began an email correspondence with for years.

The account would send her nudes she said. “Oh shit, there’s Diplo’s dick pic.”

She reached out to him recently on Twitter saying, ha ha remember when you sent me a dick pic?

That’s not mine, he said, pointing out that he has a tattoo that doesn’t show up in the picture.

But there’s a sort of happy ending anyway.

“These emails really inspired me,” she said. Although half of them were begging her for a sex tape, the other half were encouraging messages about working hard and keeping at it. If Diplo believes in me, she thought, then I should believe in me.

The real Diplo would end up producing on her album.

“At the end of the day, whoever this troll was ended up inspiring my entire career kind of.”