Kilo Kish On Her Collaboration With Maison Kitsuné


Kilo Kish On Her Collaboration With Maison Kitsuné


Last season, Maison Kitsuné featured Sky Ferreira as the star of its lookbook, and this season they’ve brought in yet another disgustingly cool fashion and music it girt, Kilo Kish. Earlier in July, Kish released her new EP, Across, on the Kitsuné label, and for the brand’s fall/winter campaign, Kish and Tom Burke wander around London sporting the latest playful sweaters, skirts, pants, and button-ups. Expect plenty of neutral colors interspersed with bold reds, fine tailoring, and of course a signature bomber jacket. Between Kish’s time in Los Angeles and New York, the 24-year-old Orlando native answered a few of our questions about the collaboration, her inspirations and upcoming capsule collection.

You must be pretty thrilled to be part of the Maison Kitsuné campaign. Can you talk a little about the experience?
It was really fun! We shot with Purienne in the Barbican Center in London. It was cold, but we made it work and had a lot of fun!

I know you are also designing a travel-themed capsule collection to be released this fall/winterCan you tell me about that?
I’ve just begun working on it now. I’m gathering inspiration and imagery. Pretty much I’m going to try and make a few things I would really love to wear/own.

As a musician, artist and model, how do you maintain a balance between all of your endeavors? How do you see them overlap?
I don’t identify myself as a model, really. I just like making things. From one comes the others and so on and so on. I just wake up in the morning and work on what’s in front of me, whether that be making songs, helping edit videos, designing merch, or shooting for a magazine. It’s fun and I like the variety.

Do you see yourself continuing to work in all of these mediums or do you want to focus on one more than others?
I would ideally like to work on music for six months straight with no distractions and then paint for four months with no distractions, but it doesn’t really work that way for me at the moment. I like to really focus in and get deep and explore, but when everything is happening at the same time it’s a tad bit stifling. I’m improving though.

What do music, fashion and art mean to you?
Style, music, and art are all about expressing yourself or your concepts and thoughts.

What are some of the repeating concepts you see yourself drawn to in music and art?
I’m really interested in the scaffolding. I love exposing and exploring the back end of making music, so I love keeping all the fucked up parts. I think it adds realness.

Where do you draw some of your major inspirations?
Relationships and people watching, personal feelings, replaying conversations in my head…Even the most seemingly boring conversations sometimes stick with me when I’m writing songs, but I get a lot of inspirations from conversations with guys I’m with or things I wish I would have said.

And how would you describe your philosophy toward art, music and/or fashion?
I guess my philosophy towards making art and music is just make it and make it with style. I don’t think too much about it. I just dress for the day and whatever my mood is. I try not to take myself too seriously in any fashion.