December 18, 2012

I know a lot of people haven been trying to shift the focus away from frank discussions about gun ownership to the state of the mentally ill in this country, but I didn’t think that they were necessarily talking about Ke$ha specifically. Close enough, I guess? As TMZ reports, the number of plays for her hit song “Die Young” plummeted by nearly 20 million after the tragic shooting in Newtown, which is important to know, because as is often the case when anything horrible happens in this country, (like when we were all worried about the opening weekend sales of The Dark Knight Rises after that other shooting that was going to change everything), our instincts should be to ask how it’s going to effect pop culture.

Hey, remember when The Strokes, with whom Ke$ha has an awesome collaboration on her new album, had to delay the release of their debut to cut out the song “New York City Cops” after 9/11? That was really fucking stupid too. As were all the other songs Clear Channel stopped playing at the time.

Here’s a weird idea, how about instead of self-censoring for fear of offending people’s delicate sensibilities after something horrible has happened, we self-censor for fear or equipping every man, woman, and child in the country with a Call of Duty ammo dump before something else horrible happens?

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