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Julian Klincewicz Shoots Calvin Klein Rookies At Home

Art & Design

Julian Klincewicz Shoots Calvin Klein Rookies At Home


Another day, another thing the new Raf Simons-helmed Calvin Klein is doing to lure millennials to its empire, which is built on perfectly worn-in denim and nostalgia for things you don’t actually remember. This time, they’ve tapped filmmaker Julian Klincewicz to shoot the brand’s newest model recruits, including Lulu Tenney, Jonas Glöer, Kiki Willems, Fernando Albaladejo, and Tyler Blue Golden, in their respective hometowns around the world.


Making waves: Spring ’17 campaign face Fernando, shot in Sitges, Spain by Julian Klincewicz.

Posted by Calvin Klein on Tuesday, March 21, 2017

First up are Tenney, who hails from Brooklyn and is captured ethereally wandering around an empty park (probably Prospect Park?), and Albaladejo, who is shown playing basketball, working out, and doing other hot guy things in his picturesque beach town of Sitges, Spain. They are both, of course, shown wearing Klein’s pared-down denim jackets and low-slung jeans.

Calvin Klein: American Classics – Introducing Lulu

American beauty: Spring ’17 campaign face Lulu, shot in New York by Julian Klincewicz.

Posted by Calvin Klein on Monday, March 20, 2017

Klincewicz, who, at just 21 years old is probably about the same age as the models he’s shooting, has already worked with everyone from Kanye West to Echkaus Latta. His videos have that dreamy, otherworldly quality that works so well for high-end fashion brands trying to employ an easy, lo-fi aesthetic, but he got his start in the skateboarding community, shooting for streetwear designer Gosha.

Last year, he told i-D that he’s never shot anything digitally, making him a perfect fit for Calvin Klein’s very throwback-based campaign and collection. “Right now, I feel like I’m “VHS guy,” which for me was never a specific thing,” he said. “My aunt found a VHS camera in my grandma’s attic and was like, “Oh, maybe Julian wants this,” and sent it to me. So I’ve always just used that.”