November 26, 2013

Sharpen your claws, folks. Break out the old claw-sharpening device that you got as a wedding gift years ago and haven’t had the occasion to use and kept thinking about trying to return. File the ol’ finger-knives into lethal-edged daggers. Unsheathe the digit-swords, and get ready for a good old-fashioned, red-blooded American cat fight, celebrity-style, because haggard old washed-up HATER Julia Roberts has had the temerity to throw minor side-eye/shade/h8 @ Jennifer Lawrence, current holder of the America’s Sweetheart Championship Belt.

As she revealed in this SHOCKING interview with MTV, the 75-year-old Roberts, at one time known for delighting the world over with her toothsome affability, lithe celebrity-next-door persona, and attainable (but not really) sexuality, thinks Jennier Lawrence is a piece of shit hipster. More or less.

Asked for her thoughts on the current reigning America’s Sweetheart, Roberts first says something weird about flaming arrows, (maybe a Cupid reference, maybe a Katniss reference?) then suggests that Lawrence might be too cool for school. School being, in this case, the Sweetheart’s Club (Coming next Christmas starring Julia Roberts and Jennifer Lawrence, probably).

MTV via Vanity Fair.

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