January 8, 2013

Film history is littered with projects that never were and should’ve been: Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon, David Lynch’s Return of the Jedi, Terry Gilliam’s Watchmen and more. Recently, rumors of a potential sequel to Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s Sin City, the neo-noir comic book adaptation, have circulatd ever since the original one dropped in 2005; I think I remember literally writing an item about it for the high school newspaper when Bush was still in office. But after the passed around pipe dreams of getting an Angelina Jolie or Johnny Depp to star in the follow-up, the franchise seems poised for a legitimate revitalization now that Joseph Gordon-Levitt, he of Inception and The Dark Knight Rises and Premium Rush and everything you’ve seen in the last few years, has officially signed onto the project.

For those of you rightfully unaware of the exact details of Miller’s crime epic, you won’t be at a complete loss; JGL’s character, Johnny, is an original creation for the movies, not one of the many plucked from the comic books. Which means I’m not going to attempt to sum up what he might be on about in this one, but will simply point out the talking points of the Sin City series — blood, guts, sex, noir, sleaze, guns, black-and-white, alcoholism, government corruption, prostitution, strippers, facial disfiguration — to massage your expectations for this one to be worthy of a stoned trip to the cinema. The first movie wasn’t great shakes, but it was deeply entertaining in a permanently teenaged way; as JGL will join a returning cast including Rosario Dawson, Mickey Rourke and Bruce Willis, I assume everyone involved is up for the ride. Of course, now that it’s been officially announced, expect it to come out on the third of never. But it’s worth actually anticipating for the first time in years, maybe.

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