Jordanian-Born Indie Pop Artist King Deco Takes Us On a Tour of Her New York City Favorites


Jordanian-Born Indie Pop Artist King Deco Takes Us On a Tour of Her New York City Favorites



King Deco may have been born in Jordan, but since she moved to the U.S. when she was 17, she’s been busy making it, and New York City, her own. We asked the musician, behind tracks like her recent sultry kiss-off “Needed Me”, to take us on a tour of her favorites hang outs.




08 Backroom



This is a speakeasy in the Lower East Side with a hidden entrance at the back of an alleyway. I used to come here a lot when I first moved to the city. I don’t go there that often now but whenever I do it brings me back to that time, and I like being reminded of how things progress. I also like the vintage decor and the fact that it was an actual Prohibition-era speakeasy leaves a spirit of rebellion in the air.


09 Hunt & Fish


Hunt & Fish

This is a restaurant a lot of my good friends hang out at late-night because we know the manager. Perfect for drinks and small bites after shows. There’s this one room in the back with marble walls and grapevines that reminds me of home.


03 Traif



This is a Williamsburg restaurant open late that has some amazing little plates. It’s also the perfect “nice but casual” date spot.


04 Hourglass Studios & “Larzz’s B&B” Studio


Hourglass Studios & “Larzz’s B&B” Studio

Two of my favorite places to record in New York City. Hourglass has these super worldly vibes and Larzz’s B&B Studio is where I wrote “Castaway” and a lot of other songs that marked a new era of music for me.


01 Brooklyn Botanical opt1


Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

This place always cures two things for me: homesickness and writer’s block. Homesickness because there isn’t much greenery or these kinds of flowers where I’m from and it really makes me appreciate being here. Writer’s block because walking around in an environment where the setting is constantly changing is when I come up with most of my lyric and melody ideas.



10 The Ludlow

The Ludlow Hotel

I’ve had some of my best meetings and some of my favorite conversations in the lounge area. It also has a mix of outdoor and indoor which is super reminiscent of home.


12 Mesa Coyoacan


Mesa Coyoacan

My favorite place for brunch or dinner with the girls. Their drinks are the perfect blend of sweet, salty and spicy. The “Plátanos Flameados Al Tequila” is also a favorite.


07 My Apartment Rooftop


My Apartment Rooftop

When I’m writing or recording at home and need some fresh air, sometimes the best way to reconnect with nature is through the fire escape and up to my apartment rooftop. It’s only a few levels up, but it’s still a break from the chaos of the street level. You can peer out across Williamsburg and see so many different buildings, stories and windows – and you know so many people are out there are doing something they’re passionate about at this very moment – it’s inspiring.


02 Baby's All Right


Baby’s All Right

One of my favorite music venues in New York. I like the up-and- coming bands they book and the crowds those kind of acts bring. It’s also right in my neighborhood.




05 The Met


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

A lot of my lyrical themes as well as elements of my visual aesthetic draw from Middle Eastern history and ancient empires, so naturally I love the Met’s Ancient Egyptian temple exhibit, the Greek and Roman exhibits, the rooms full of marble statues, etc. I also love walking by Cleopatra’s Needle in Central Park right behind the museum – a 2,000-year- old obelisk actually imported from Egypt.


06 The Cloisters


The Cloisters

This is another window into my world, for many of the same reasons that the rooms of the Met are: the marble pillars, Medieval architecture, the gardens beneath large arched passageways, etc.




11 The Highline


The High Line

Taking this list full circle, the foliage of the High Line can be therapeutic when I need inspiration. I used to live an avenue away so it was right there to walk on, and for a few moments I could escape through this little pocket of nature surrounded by a concrete empire.


Header photo by Ryan James Caruthers, all others via King Deco