JoJo’s Bringing Back the Eyebrow Piercing in a Big Way


JoJo’s Bringing Back the Eyebrow Piercing in a Big Way


Early aughts icon JoJo has given us some really great things in her career, filling our early years with the sounds of anti-love pop anthems “Leave (Get Out)” and “Too Little Too Late.” After nearly a decade of working through a career-freezing deal with Blackground Records, music’s official Comeback Queen is reinventing, bringing with her an unlikely accessory that’s been M.I.A. since Fergie attempted to revive the ’90s look during her Dutchess days: The eyebrow piercing.


Fergie, 2006

You could argue that JoJo’s been out of the spotlight for too long, seemingly unaware of what’s hot and what’s not in fashion today. However, there’s recently been a quiet, bubbling revival of the suburban Mall Goth aesthetic where eyebrow piercings have a comfortable home. This pseudo-rebellious look was revisited by LA-based designer Brian Rowan during NYFW this month and the piercing specifically dramatized by Rodarte for SS ’15, lining models’ entire brows with JoJo-style hoops.


Rodarte, SS ’15

The 24-year-old pop star is certainly proud of her piercing, sharing a slew of selfies to her Instagram that highlight the now signature look. She’s even tailored it for the red carpet, appearing at the MTV VMA’s this year in a hand-beaded Jani Khosla dress and, of course, her Warped Tour-ready brow. In JoJo’s newly released video for the Tringle track, “When Love Hurts,” the singer rocks her piercing in an empty warehouse, working through tedious choreography in a sexy silver bodysuit.

Despite carrying undesirable, dare I say trashy connotations, the eyebrow piercing seems to have the definite potential for a major comeback. Fergie was a bit too early and Rodarte a bit too over-the-top, but JoJo’s approach feels more like something a fashion-conscious tastemaker might latch onto. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before the eyebrow piercing becomes a staple for midwestern Applebee’s waiters and front row Fashion Week influencers.

JoJo eyebrow piercing