February 1, 2013

Readers of this magazine will be pleased, or at least intrigued, to find out that James Franco, multi-talented renaissancer, is working on a documentary about fashion label Gucci, which will focus on creative director Frida Giannini. He’ll be collaborating with Christina Voros, whom he’s worked with before on the documentary Kink, and will presumably get more access than some run of the mill fashionista: Back in 2008, Franco was actually the face of Gucci’s men’s fragrances. Technically, it’s the second Gucci-related movie he’ll have worked on in recent memory; he also stars alongside Gucci Mane in Spring Breakers, which is a joke you’re just going to have to live with. But really, Giannini should prove a nice entry point for Franco’s documentary to broach; she’s made a swift ascent up the label’s power ladder  since joining in 2002, making use of Gucci’s history while bringing it into the modern era. Wikipedia also notes that her vinyl record collection is at 8,000 pieces strong, which seems like the richly hip, hiply rich behavior you’d expect from such a fashion maven.

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