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It’s Nice That x BULLETT: 4 UK Art Projects Worth Paying Attention To

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It’s Nice That x BULLETT: 4 UK Art Projects Worth Paying Attention To

Oh hi there, hello, and welcome to the first in a series of features straight from It’s Nice That, that look at some of the very finest creatives working out in the world today. Over the coming weeks we’ll be taking you through some of the top talent from the UK, Europe and the rest of the world as well as having a bit of a rummage through our archive to pick out some of the best work that you’ve probably never seen.

To start us off we’ve got four of our favourites from the UK, all deliriously talented in their own right. So without further ado…

Michael Willis

Michael Willis is no stranger to antiquated imagery. The London-based designer and illustrator produces anachronistic compositions that place Grecian nudes in fluorescent Miami landscapes and doric columns among the paraphernalia of a luxurious cocktail party.

Given this penchant for fusing the ancient and modern Michael was the obvious creative choice for Kenzo’s latest project, a deck of sinister tarot cards with a modern twist. Based on the Major Arcana Tarot deck the Psy-Chic cards are backed with illustrations in Michael’s trademark style and feature Jean-Paul Goude’s latest campaign on the front. Perfect for a spot of live Tarot reading in Paris.

Nous Vous and Studio Weave

We like it when people collaborate. There’s something pleasing about imagining a bunch of folks with unique interests and skills embracing their differences to do something they wouldn’t have been able to on their own. What’s even better is when those different people with different skills happen to be two of your favourite practitioners in architecture and illustration respectively, coming together to produce a huge, colourful shed in the middle of the woods. It doesn’t get much better than that.


Ryan Hopkinson

Ryan Hopkinson has an incredible gift for capturing images and is a talent we’ve had our eye on for ages, but in the last week the London-based photographer and film-maker has raised the bar of his output so high that we can’t quite imagine how he’s going to top it again.

Last Tuesday saw the release of his latest film Demon Chef, a commission for Nowness that profiles the legendary Michelin starred gastronomer Alvin Leung. Alongside a haunting soundtrack and thoughtful monologue from the chef himself, Ryan has provided a set of stunning visuals that take us on a visceral journey through the processes and ingredients of Alvin’s experimental cuisine. This is food pornography at it’s absolute peak.

NOWNESS – Demon Days from Ryan Hopkinson on Vimeo.


Anna Burns and Thomas Brown

Photographer Thomas Brown and creative director Anna Burns have tapped into the unlikely appeal of ultra-violent, ultra-hammy B-movies we all know and love in their new project Pop Pop Bang, which Thomas describes as a mix of “film, photography and pyro.”

The duo have taken the three key themes of said movies – guns (lots), explosions (massive) and girls (sexy) – and created three walls of umbrellas full of these motifs, setting them up in three quintessentially English locales. Then they set fire to them with reckless abandon, creating some of the most stunning visuals we’ve seen in a while.

POP POP BANG from Thomas Brown on Vimeo.