January 3, 2013

It’s not that difficult to prep an awesome New Year’s Eve. You just need to buy enough Andre to get everyone sauced on the cheap, paint “2013″ over some low-grade shutter shades, and make a playlist that is 50% Beyonce and 50% Chief Keef. But KDOC, an independent Los Angeles television station, seemed to have ignored all that when they helped put together what might be the objectively worst, subjectively best NYE celebration of all-time. Hosted by Jamie Kennedy, the station got plenty of other D-listers like Shannon Elizabeth and Macy Gray to swing by, but the comedy doesn’t come from the sub-par celebrity at hand; no, it’s found in all the missed cues, accidental cursing, lazy editing and weird silences more likely to be found in a stoned high schooler’s third period English presentation, not a supposedly professional production produced by supposed professionals. Summarizing all that goes down would defeat the point, but trust me and set aside six minutes of your day right now to check this out and know, with complete certainty, that even if you didn’t get the midnight makeout you were looking for at least you’ll have a job in 2013, unlike everyone involved with this career abortion.

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