Is It Soda, Pop, or Coke? Fascinating Dialect Maps Show How We Talk State by State


Is It Soda, Pop, or Coke? Fascinating Dialect Maps Show How We Talk State by State


What word do you use when you want to reference a sweetened carbonated beverage, soda, pop, or Coke? Soda is the correct answer, obviously. I would say that though, being from the northeast. In many other parts of the country, many other incorrect and, frankly, idiotic parts, that is, they might call it a Coke, or a pop. Weirdos. That’s just one of the many divergences in the dialect preferences throughout the country uncovered in a study and illustrated in a series of maps by Joshua Katz, a graduate student in statistics at North Carolina State University that have gone rapidly viral around the internet.

The study is also customizable for seeing what the preferred answer is in a wide range of cities throughout the country as well.



There’s a reason for the sudden popularity of Katz’ work. It’s because, well, we like to be able to differentiate ourselves region by region, don’t we? But for once, instead of it being over something heated and complex, like, say, gay marriage, or abortion, or gun rights, it’s little differences that we can all laugh at. I’ll be the first to admit that the fact that we call water fountains “bubblers” here in Massachusetts, as seen above, is pretty bizarre. Sorry, bizzah I should say.


Some of them are trivial and goofy, like the above, while others are a bit macabre.


Umm, how many times does that average person have to say that in a normal life?


This one is pretty fascinating, not only because it shows there’s a part of the upper midwest where most people pronounce it po-em, but also that so many people in the country have ever actually pronounced the word poem in the first place.

There are over a hundred other interesting discrepancies shown here. Check them all out, and revel in the fact that however you refer to things in your specific region is undoubtedly the correct way, unless, of course, it’s different than mine.