‘WeHaveNoStyle’ Bloggers Iris & Daniel on Spring 2014, Dane DeHaan, and Comic-Con


‘WeHaveNoStyle’ Bloggers Iris & Daniel on Spring 2014, Dane DeHaan, and Comic-Con


WeHaveNoStyle is the self-effacing title of San Diego students Iris and Daniel’s fashion blog. If the two have one thing, it’s style—instinctual taste and flare, that natural ability to dress fashionably for oneself—but there’s more still to Iris and Daniel. They’re also funny and playful, design savvy and smart, and very cute. In the galaxy of little star bloggers, Iris and Daniel stand out for their original graphics, their pointed reviews (of Prada Mens Spring 2014: ” Is it about dads? Oh my god, it’s about dads. Tommy Bahama prints, save me from this Pearl Harbor disaster hero boys.”), and their redux uniform dressing; seriously, the variations! They’re also obsessed Bullett fav actor Dane DeHaan. Good taste, I’m telling ya.

Here, Iris and Daniel answer some simple life questions so that you can know more about your new favorite fashion bloggers.

When and why did you launch your blog?
We launched our blog in 2010 because we were bored and needed to have shrines of narcissism dedicated to ourselves for public consumption. Seriously though, we just wanted to find other people who shared our interest in fashion and stuff. Which is hilarious since we didn’t really interact with people until last year. Our blog started as a way to document our own style and other images that influence us, and it’s become a way for us to experiment with the presentation of those through video, collage, text, and gifs.

What’s your relationship outside of WeHaveNoStyle?
Always together, we probably talk to each other more than a healthy amount. We balance each other out, like we’re sort of opposite in our approach to everything. Daniel is always annoying Iris’s worrying responsibility! Our favorite activity is spending ungodly amounts of time at makeup counters.

Could you each describe the other in just few words? 
According to Daniel, Iris is consistent, instinctual, and obsessive.
According to Iris, Daniel is supportive, perceptive, entertaining, and elegant.

What’s up in San Diego? Are you going to participate in the Con?
Daniel: We’ve gone to Comic Con two times before as volunteers and skipped last year. We tried to get tickets this year but the website got too intense and we missed out!

Iris: I wanted to go this year but the new Comic Con ticket system sucks and I wasn’t able to volunteer or buy tickets. I wanted to go for Nintendo, Walking Dead, and the hopes of a seeing Dane DeHaan or something. I wasn’t sure he was going to attend this year, but a few days ago he confirmed he was attending for Amazing Spider-Man 2. (Ahh!!!!)

Luckily I have the most wonderful friend (other than Daniel) who is letting me use her badge and helping me implement this ASTOUNDING yet desperate plan. Shhh. This is my Find/Meet Dane DeHaan Plan 2013: I will either try to get a job volunteering at the Amazing Spider-Man panel, aka pouring glasses of water for Dane and the cast, or, if I can’t get the job, I’m going to go the convention center at midnight to get SECURE seats at the panel! If that doesn’t happen either then I’ll just hang around in front of the convention center, you know, just in case. I mean I already requested time off work to go to Comic Con, even though I don’t have tickets so I might as well stand there.

I see you’re keeping up with the menswear shows. What were some of your favorites collections/looks/moments?
Menswear season is one of our favorite times of the year! J.W. Anderson is always one we look forward to, and the column silhouette was quiet but appreciated.

In Milan, Stefano Pilati’s debut collection at Ermenegildo Zegna was like POETIC, the summer look realized. Those towels, whoah. Z Zegna had the best proportion and color proposition for Spring. Gucci’s cast was emotional for us.

Show of the season: DSquared2. It just kept getting increasingly surreal, like the parrot and grass skirt, what!? Mini-me’s!?

Raf Simons’ set and clothes were unmatched. We’re dedicating our lives to romper polos and graphic print tunic dresses. The set and those colors made us scream.

Do you think you could easily shop for one another? Is that something you do or would like? I trust very very to shop fashion for me.
Daniel: I think I could shop for Iris pretty easily. Her taste is really cohesive and comprehensive. I can instantly tell if she’ll like something once I look at it. We shop together all the time so we naturally choose things out for each other if we see them. Iris recently got me a cropped jersey while she was out thrifting!  I think she would end up buying me clothes that she wants to see me in instead of clothes I’d choose for myself. She loves a navy blue, minimal workwear, schoolboy look. But I trust it usually, she has good taste.

Iris: Even though I’d probably shop for him with my taste, I think overall, I would do a good job buying clothes for him. Daniel is very particular on his clothing, like fabric, cut, and details. He usually wants the simplest garments, which the mass market totally lacks. So when I see something with a good neckline, thick fabric and no details (rare), I know that’s Daniel-approved. I would trust Daniel to go shopping for me because I think I’m usually very easy to shop for. I’m pretty consistent, but I go through these obsessions that make it easy to just buy me whatever I’m in love with at the moment.