January 17, 2013

Painter and sculptor, Age: 26
Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
Currently resides: New York, New York

Can you recall your weirdest, most vivid dream?
I was hanging out in the soccer field of my all-boys Catholic high school.  In front of me was the school’s church, which resembled an upside down Noah’s Ark. I walked toward it. Next thing I knew, a ghost of Johnny Depp appeared. He was like, “Come check out my first solo show.” Then all of a sudden, neon glowing trees appeared on the soccer field. I later made some glowing tree sculptures. Maybe it was my subconscious at work.

Your installation, 2012-2555, has a rave-like vibe. Are you at all inspired by rave culture?
Street fairs, lit-up buses, and even funerals have this over-stimulating decorative quality to them in Thailand. There’s something about these aesthetic experiences that parallels what happens in rave culture. That indefinable feeling is what inspires a lot of my work.

Is 2555 the year that it’s all going to end or begin?
The world as we know it isn’t going to end or begin in 2555. I could be totally wrong though.


Photography by Charlie Engman

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