Inside the Brain of Dutch Designer BEA1991


Inside the Brain of Dutch Designer BEA1991


Photography: Carlijn Jacobs
Makeup: David Koppelaar
Model: Siënna (Models Rock Agency)
All pieces designed & produced by BEA1991

BEA, the champion of the selfie stick, as I declared her almost exactly a year ago on the Opening Ceremony blog, is the gift the keeps on giving. For those unfamiliar with BEA (sometimes BEA1991), she’s basically a massive revolution for pop music incarnate, ­except it’s all happened just below the surface and over the span of the last year.

She’s a dreamy breath of fresh air, so it’s no surprise she’s earned her place on plenty of “end of year” lists, but as we’ve come to learn, music’s not the only way she quenches her thirst for creativity.

BEA’s breakout collection, displayed in this editorial shot by fellow Amsterdam-based photographer Carlijn Jacobs, features playful silhouettes and pops of color that meld modern themes with cinematic elements. Absorb the beauty of the “Icebox Filly,” above, and get a tiny bit inside BEA’s head, below.

What was your process for creating this collection?

“This collection started through the making of hats, of which a few are featured in the editorial. They spoke to me in a new way. I’ve never made hats before ­and clothes started coming to mind not late after that. Also, I’d just seen some peter Greenaway films, which inspired me color and decor­-wise. This cinematic impulse with the end of the year coming, parties emerging and a concept of collections coming out randomly throughout the year, something I had been thinking about a lot, resulted in me making these clothes during the last two weeks of November.”

Do you feel your music and your designs have anything in common?

“Yes, I think they do have things in common. The elements of ‘surprise’ or ‘mistake’ or simply imperfection I always integrate subtly, while creating a product of sound or image. I let the thing talk back to me and try to preserve its first signs of foundation or character. Also, I like a certain type of restriction, it makes me work harder and it encourages me to find more interesting ways of making something. These things happens with the music, as with anything else I’d be doing.”

Which designers inspire you?

“The fashion world is rather hard for me to follow and I keep track in a very inconsequent way. I never know what is new and who’s doing what. I’m mostly inspired by moving images, mad or homeless people, hyper-modern life, all levels of nature and feelings.”