Inside Jay Z and Kanye West’s Hilariously Specific Hotel Riders


Inside Jay Z and Kanye West’s Hilariously Specific Hotel Riders


Cylindrical vases, 71 degrees, black towels – these are just a few of the specific demands off of Jay Z and Kanye West’s hotel room riders. And while intuitively one might expect West to be the bigger diva, according to the riders obtained by TMZ, Jay Z gives him a run for his (piles of) money.

Let’s take a look at Jay Z’s list first:

Jay likes his rooms to be set at 71 degrees. Now having a preference here isn’t a diva move in and of itself, but the specificity is pretty outlandish. Still, this isn’t causing any hotel staff any real headaches, so it’s really no biggie.

Now things get irritating. Jay Z requires not one, not two, but three $80 Mayan tuberose-scented candles. I don’t even know what those are exactly, but that’s $240 worth of candles. No word on where or how he would like said overpriced candles arranged.

There is to be no vacuuming in or around Jay Z’s room. I’m not sure what that’s about. I mean, obviously a maid isn’t going to come in while Jay is taking a pre-show siesta and vacuum his room. Anyway, this proves that Jay Z is basically a skittish cat.

Here’s another gem: hotel staff should not ask for concert tickets if they want to “avoid embarrassment.” So if the staff is into being embarrassed and belittled by famous people, by all means go ahead and ask?

Finally, Ace of Spades Champagne should be in the room, but Jay better not see that shit on his room service bill because he owns the company.

Now for Kanye:

Obviously it’s West that demands “cylindrical vases.” Sure, whatever.

West also likes Kashi GoLean cereal, which is an irritatingly unspecific demand because that shit comes in like 30 different varieties. I can just picture some poor hotel staffer standing in the cereal aisle, perplexed and afraid.

Black towels, of course.

West also demands that all floss be minty. Personally I think all floss on earth should be minty, so I’m with him on this one.

A selection of booze that rings in at $3,200.

And, my favorite request, a Genelecs 1031a speaker, which happens to have been discontinued a decade ago. How awesomely inconvenient is that?

But the biggest diva of all is none other than Blue Ivy, who only drinks organic whole milk. What a jerk.