The Indisputable, Definitive Best 53 Songs of 2013 List


The Indisputable, Definitive Best 53 Songs of 2013 List


While it may be a little premature to have already put together the list of the best songs of 2013, in the spirit of the completely arbitrary and irrelevant nature of lists like these, it seemed appropriate to consider the concept of time an artificial construct too. Birthdays last a fiscal quarter and Christmas starts with the vernal equinox, so why not? While it’s technically possible 100 better songs than these will be released in the next month and a half, I’m certainly not going to hear about any of them, because this thing took so long to put together I’m retiring from music for a while.

2013 was another big year from my perspective in dance pop, r&b, emo, grunge-core, and heady electronic. If none of those genres appeal to you you can probably go ahead and skip the entire thing. The rest of your life, I mean, because who doesn’t love that shit, weirdo. Follow the links below for more thoughts from me on these songs earlier in the year here and elsewhere. Check out the Spotify playlist here.

(Sorry for breaking it up into so many pages, but your computer would blow up otherwise with all the embeds.)



Citizen “The Summer”

Remember when summers were pregnant with potential? “Why’d you wait for the summer to chew and spit me out? I sit awake and wait impatiently. The same mistakes are waiting to be made.” More here.

“Desert Night” Rufus

The loneliest dance party. Karaoke for one. Forever. More here.


“The Mother We Share” Chvrches

Still not sure what it’s about (brothers and sisters?), but it doesn’t matter, it’s an immaculate hook.

“Bathroom Laughter” Pissed Jeans

Abrasive and unapproachable in a way that makes you want to keep coming back to check on it to make sure. Like touching a hot stove with your dick. More here.

“Sunseekers” Coke Weed

A few dozen bands performed in the same style in the past year, but few did it nearly as well. It takes an imaginative damn band to make Maine sound like the west coast. More here.

“All the Time” Jeremih

Who says love and sex are two separate things? More here.