IN-stagram Girls: @TooPoor


IN-stagram Girls: @TooPoor


Photography: David Vassalli 

‘IN-stagram Girls’ unpacks a contemporary shift in celebrity culture, which sees everyday influencers fostering digital prestige and thousands of fans. Blurring the lines of fact and fiction, Instagram feeds provide surreal glimpses into users’ lives, allowing for the post-Internet privilege of building identities without the confines of reality. These are today’s stars, filtered and followed.

Our first feature, @toopoor, has attracted more than 55.5k followers, flaunting a gloomy-glam style—think updated Wednesday Addams—and proudly offering her fans “ways to end ur own existence on earth and send ur soul to a burning eternity in hell:”

@BULLETTMagazine: Why do you think your IG resonates with so many people?

@toopoor: I think people connect with me because I stay on my followers’ level. I get involved and interact with the people that support me. I never go above them.

@BULLETTMagazine: What’s your secret to a perfect IG photo?

@toopoor: If I’m wearing black, it’s probably a good pic. I’m not particular with lighting, angles or clarity.


@BULLETTMagazine: When did you realize your account was attracting a significant following?

@toopoor: When people started taking sneaky photos of me while grocery shopping and tagging me in the photo, or sending me snapchats of me at work. Cut that shit out! I don’t even consider my following large. I find it strange people ask [for] my autograph or even a photo.

@BULLETTMagazine: Describe your personal style.

@toopoor: 99 percent of my wardrobe is vintage lingerie. I throw it over or under literally anything. If I’m not wearing that, I’m probably wearing my boyfriend’s hoodie as a dress with the some heels.

@BULLETTMagazine: What’s the craziest DM you’ve ever received?

@toopoor: I delete and block the real crazy ones, but I can show you this one I just got! It makes me giggle a bit:


@BULLETTMagazine: How do you hope to leverage your IG success?

@toopoor: I believe the ultimate goal is to make ‘too poor’ too rich, using Instagram as a networking platform. I imagine my end goal with endless possibilities and I don’t necessarily want to rely on Instagram to determine my future. However, I enjoy all of the odd jobs I have gotten through social media.

@BULLETTMagazine: What’s your most liked photo?

@toopoor: To be honest, I have no fucking idea. Probably a pic of my underboob. Sorry mom! I know there’s a picture of me and my boyfriend floating around with over 500 thousand likes, but you gotta dig for it.


@BULLETTMagazine: What’s the process behind curating your depop?

@toopoor: I have two depops, one for my vintage (@toopoor) and one for my new mini line (@shoptoopoor).

For the vintage, I find pieces I would wear myself and style it the way I would style it. Influencing the buyers to wear it the same way as me. It’s really hard shopping specifically for my depop because 99 percent of the time I want to keep everything. The look I’m aiming for is my everyday look, but for all shapes and sizes—providing clothes I would wear from XS – 5XL.

For my mini line, it’s a mix of renewed vintage and new pieces I’ve personally customized, from embroidered silk panties to embellished oversized hoodies. There are a lot of things in the making right now.