December 28, 2012

Drake has made a really, really big name for himself riding the whole “I’m super rich and sleep with lots of beautiful women, but I’m still sad :(” capitalist-emo mindset that no other rapper does as well. Still, the newest revelation from Drizzy’s dour corner of the world may be the gloomiest of them all. On Christmas, he posted a photo to his Instagram account of a stripper pole that’s been installed in his bedroom, with an owl-emblazoned pillow sitting nearby to silently judge both the pole dancer and the pole watcher. And while it’s not great blogging practice to make news out of a Tweet, I and the rest of the Drake faithful have been pondering the exact parameters of how depressing a thing this must be to brag about, insofar as it seems another way for the Canadian rapper to enable his own emotional drain train. So rich you can pay to incorporate the stripping, sex and sadness experiences into one powerful bummer of a personal gift; that might be the ultimate nadir/zeitgeist of the #YOLO ethos. Get ready for his next hit single, “I’ve Got A Stripper Pole In My Bedroom But I Still Feel Like Crap,” to hit the radio in a future near you.

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