January 4, 2013

You know how this one goes, because if you haven’t figured out that America’s national motto may as well be “fuck you, got mine,” then I’ve got some swampland in Florida I’d like to sell you. But here’s another affirmation that everything is screwed, basically all of the time: Sheila and Dominic Traina are a Staten Island family who saw their house get damaged by Hurricane Sandy like so many others. They also saw their house featured in an Allstate ad, in which the insurance giant compiled images of multiple damaged homes to illustrate their commitment to making things right.

What they didn’t see, however, was a comprehensive insurance payout from Allstate, who claimed that the majority of the damage done to the Traina household was caused by flooding, which they weren’t covered for. As a result, the Trainas received just $10,000, which is of course nowhere near the amount needed to fix a more or less wrecked house. To sum it up: Faceless conglomerate uses image of the family they’re currently screwing in order to pump up their own reputation as savior to the poor, which is the type of comically evil behavior you’d expect to see written into a Muppets movie. (Starring Rich Insuranceman, the diabolical claims expert.) But it’s real life, and if the resulting backlash doesn’t convince Allstate to change their tepid response — to wit, they produced the ad “in accordance with all applicable advertising laws,” ha ha ha, joke’s on you — then maybe the lawyer hired by the Trainas can make things right. You can watch the ad right below.

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