December 23, 2013

Most Christmas cards are a bit unsettling in the first place, what with the whole effort required from a person you know or sort of know to perform a manual task, drive to a place, put it in a box where it will wait for a governmental representative to come load it into a car, then fly it across the country where it will be picked up by another car, where a stranger will walk it up to the trash receptacle you’ve got nailed to your house wall. Also the part where they put on a sweater and a big phony grin in the name of Jesus and humblebragging. But even those don’t hold a candle to this David Lynchian nightmare from Iggy Pop.  (via P4k)

On a somewhat related note, here’s a Boston band called The Scrooges who dress up like Santa and do Iggy and the Stooges covers.

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