February 8, 2013

Did you know that there’s a blizzard on the way/already here depending on which timezone/plane of reality you’re reading this blog in? Look out the window right now. A little closer… closer… PSYCH, now I’ve pushed you out the window to your death but just kidding because of all that snow you landed safely in as a result of the storm, ipso facto you looking up at me right now all: haha got me that time old pal, you got me good.

How about these supermarket panic shoppers though eh? Are we correct in casting aspersion on their behavior or are we not correct, i.e. incorrect? The only thing less surprising than the typical bread and milk hoarding that goes on before every big storm — even more so than the fact that people actually still drink milk? — is people asking what’s with this bread and milk thing. Or, maybe, saying, like, “I don’t need bread and milk, I’ve got this beer you see right here in this picture I’ve taken and shared,” and then you’re stuck in your house for three days with only the beer and then a picture of the beer, and who’s having the last laugh now pal? Not you, unless you also stocked up on pot, which makes people laugh more than they typically would.

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