Huh’s ‘Dark’ Video Is a Testament to the Power of Female Friendship


Huh’s ‘Dark’ Video Is a Testament to the Power of Female Friendship


The idea of visually preserving the era before cellphones has long interested photographer and director Elizabeth Weinberg. It was something she had in mind while filming the video for “Dark” from New York four piece Huh, she says.

“When I was a teenager, instead of worrying about our friends making fun of us online, we had to deal with bullies and oppression live and in person. You couldn’t go and find like-minded friends on Tumblr; you were very possibly alone.”

The song, a mix of 90s indie-shamble guitars and casual-feeling but deceptively sharp harmonies from the all-woman band, seemed a feminist rallying cry to her.

“The lyrics are a call to arms against a condescending male force who isn’t as important as he thinks. I wanted to illustrate this defiant feeling with teenagers, and with the paper route being the central theme. It’s a job that essentially no longer exists in the form I grew up with. It’s a slight nod to the 90s nostalgia that the song exudes but also to a time when a kid on the fringe might not have had anyone to turn to—and how amazing it can be when the planets align to get a few misfits together for a bit of chaos. To all types of kids, mischief is a universal joy.”

The band’s singer Carrie-Anne Murphy was overjoyed with the way it turned out, she says.

“This song sort of exploded out of the band when we wrote it. We were so happy that Elizabeth took the reins on the interpretation and in turn re-exploded this song about escaping tedium into something so beautiful, impactful, and on-point.”

It was both an interpretation of the lyrics, but also the emotion she and her bandmates feel when they make music together, she says.

“Sometimes it’s so damn hard to make new friends. Finding friends you can have a bit of adventure with might be the most unmitigated joy.”

Huh will perform a release for their debut EP Whatever You Want on June 5 in Brooklyn. Find the record here.



Photo by Brady Hall