August 28, 2012

All things considered, it’s got to be a blessing and a curse to be a member of royalty. On one hand, your birthright entitles you to millions of dollars, worldwide fame, access to the rich and powerful, and all of the sex you can hope for. On the other, it means everyone wants to see your dick. Over the weekend, Prince Harry completed a raucous trip to Las Vegas that apparently begat the existence of several photos in which his royal member was prominently on display. British newspapers were advised not to run the photos, and most of them didn’t.

But in a new development, an ever-trustworthy “source” tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal that Wynn Resorts is looking into “something pretty gigantic” regarding the young royal. (In a sign of good faith, we won’t even make the obvious joke.) Which could be… what, more photos? Real ones, and not just shot from the side and in the dark? Pity the poor Harry, who apparently hadn’t absorbed the lessons from a lifetime of media scrutiny to make absolutely sure that no camera, friendly or not, would ever be let near his nethers. Because imagine how it feels to know that your nude photos are out there, and that there are parties who would literally pay millions of dollars for the right to broadcast them to the world? If it weren’t for all that money and power, being a royal would be no fun at all.

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