Hot Stuff: LA’s Otherwild Curates the Goods We Crave


Hot Stuff: LA’s Otherwild Curates the Goods We Crave


Otherwild Goods & Services is the kind of thing, along with David Lynch, Joan Didion, Ooga Booga, Semiotext(e) and Skylight, that makes me think I could actually live in L.A., despite Prop 8, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hedi Slimane, traffic, and celebrity culture (except Kristen Stewart; I would move to L.A. for Kristen Stewart).

Otherwild is one of those future-now stores; it’s a “hybrid retail store and graphic design studio in Los Angeles, CA dedicated to design in its many facets.” This means that all sorts of things are for sale, from perfume to prints, to baby quilts, to crystals. The curatorial criteria is simply that everything is liked by the buyers, which should be, but isn’t (except in my capitalist utopia – it could work), the only criteria. Otherwild’s team is very likable, as are their tastes, which tend towards the handmade vs. mass-produced, the designed vs. the manufactured.

I went through the shop’s wonderful inventory and had Otherwild’s Rachel Berks tells me a little something about each of my favorite goods.

K Stew T by Closet Case

“Marisa Suárez-Orozco (the other half of Otherwild) designs this line of tees “Closet Case” in honor of ambiguously queer characters throughout history from Joan of Arc to Virginia Woolf to KStew.”

Cocoon Dress by 69

“The mastermind behind ‘69’ designs all the clothes androgynously… this is the dress of my dreams and I don’t even really like dresses. Everyone that tries this dress on looks incredible in it. Look for this line!”

Designer Chill Pills by Amy Von Harrington

“Amy Von Harrington is our friend and a kooky amazing genius. Many of our vendors are actually working artists, and therefore our merchandise often tows the line of conceptual art piece and functional object.  Amy’s work is super versatile and she makes a range of rad products available at Otherwild—from chill pills to spats to chapstick necklaces to tarot cards. She is also pretty much the greatest karaoke performer of all time. Amy’s designer chill pills are in her words: ‘Equal parts: chill factor. edible glitter, paper, organic capsule, and designer allure and exclusivity. They actually are edible and totally in demand.'”

A Spectacle and Nothing Strange print by Eve Fowler

“This is one of a series of posters by Eve Fowler that references the iconic Colby print posters you see hung up all around LA. All of the text are excerpts from Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons.”

Quartz and Branch ring by Adina Mills

“Before we opened Otherwild, Marisa and I discovered Adina Mills jewels separately on the same day… Sadly, Adina is one of the only designers we’ve never met  but we find ourselves totally intrigued and obsessed. She is often on the road, harvesting crystals all over, living in her trailer with her bf,  making her one-of-a-kind jewelry. Each piece is so special. This one is made in quartz, ceramic and a real branch. A real piece of nature on your hand! You feel like you wield magical powers when you wear one. We recently instagrammed me wearing 10 at once, entitled “’crystal knuckles’ — totally mystical weapons.”

C.U.N.T. t-shirt by Amber Ibarreche

“I’ve known Amber for about 10 years — she was always the coolest (and cutest) shy one in the room at Meow Mix!  I saw her posting these incredibly rad collages she makes about a year ago… we were pretty psyched to discover that she started making those designs on t-shirts.”