No the ‘Hot Felon’ Did Not ‘Land’ a ‘Modeling Contract’ Stop It Everyone Stop It Please


No the ‘Hot Felon’ Did Not ‘Land’ a ‘Modeling Contract’ Stop It Everyone Stop It Please


I’m getting pretty sick of doing this shit, but it does’t seem like it’s going to stop any time soon so here goes anyway. Jeremy Meeks, otherwise known as the “hot felon”, who you will remember from every single website in existence, has reportedly “landed” a “modeling contract.” Not just any old contract, mind you, but a $30,000 contract. Not bad work for a guy sitting in jail at the moment facing 11 felony charges.

The original source of the news, which has gone viral this week, appears to be this Fox News story, which explains that Meeks had signed up with talent agent Gina Rodriguez. “Reps defends signing ‘Handsome Felon’ Jeremy Meeks, hoping to get him modeling, reality show gigs” the headline reads.

That “hoping to” is pretty key there. Most of the blogs that have since aggregated and telephone-gamed the piece have conveniently ignored that part. In their defense, sort of, the source of one version of the news is Rodriguez herself.

“We’ve spoken with four production companies and three different modeling agencies,” Rodriguez explained. “A lot of TV shows that want to cover it, a lot of news shows. It’s just been crazy, the type of media attention that he’s gotten.”

One modeling agency in particular is eager to sign Meeks.

“Jim Jordan, who owns White Cross Management, is very interested in Jeremy,” said Rodriguez. “We’ve had tons of people trying to get interviews with Jeremy, which I think right now is a little bit overwhelming for the family. Their main concern is really trying to get him out.”

The “Hollywood talent agent” in question here, incidentally, is the woman who has represented such heavy weights as Lindsay Lohan’s dad, Octomom, and Tan Mom. Sounds like a trustworthy type.

Next there was this piece from TMZ, who say Meeks has been offered a contract by Blaze Models, “a huge modeling agency in LA.” That, as you won’t be surprised to read, led to this:

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I could keep going for a long, long time here.

The story sounded vaguely plausible, right? After all, he is a pretty handsome fella!

I called up his rep at Gina Rodriguez, and asked whether or not he had actually been offered any contracts, and whether Blaze specifically had offered him $30,000.

“We haven’t even talked to Blaze Management at all. We’re in talks with Jim Jordan from White Cross management,” a representative named Brandy, who declined to give her last name, which is how you know the company is legit, told me.

She did confirm that they are his management now, and that he is still in prison. They have no idea when he is getting out, she said.

Cool. So what about White Cross then? What do they have to say?

“We’re not representing him and not working with him in any way,” a man named Jeff, who also didn’t want to give his last name explained to me.

“We’d prefer that you didn’t even write that.”

I’d prefer that I didn’t have to in the first place.