March 5, 2013

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece called Advice For Aspiring Music Writers: Quit Now. In it I focused, perhaps unfairly and mean-spiritedly, as many of the hundreds of people who called me a bully pointed out, on one young music blogger who was looking to fund his site through Kickstarter. The problem, in my cranky, jaded opinion, wasn’t necessarily the idea of someone wanting to become a music writer, although there was that as well, but rather having the balls to ask people to fund it for you when so many of us are out here doing it for free/low pay. Well, guess what? Fuck me, because dude is about to reach his goal, thanks, in part, to people like me, who donated the money I made from the article mocking his dreams to the fund because I felt like a big jerk.

The lesson here? Don’t listen to anyone who tells you you shouldn’t at least give it a try, whatever it is. What’s the worst that can happen? Besides being momentarily humiliated. On the plus side, you might just prove some pedantic asshole on the internet who made fun of you in front of the country wrong, and that’s got to be worth at least a few grand.

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