Highlights From This Insane Interview with Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt


Highlights From This Insane Interview with Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt


When it comes to the various television stars of our youth, we often pose the question “Where are they now?” There is, however, one notorious couple of whom we never ask that question. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, aka Speidi, went from the villains we loved to hate on The Hills to politically charged-nutjobs overnight. These are people who probably shouldn’t have a microphone to speak into.

Unfortunately, Alex Jones of Info Wars is dead set on giving Speidi a microphone. The “journalist” ran into his “old friends” on vacation in Hawaii and, like, totally convinced them to do an interview. Here are some of the lowlights, er, highlights, er… most insane takeaways.

Heidi on running into Alex Jones in Hawaii:

“It’s obviously destiny.”

Spencer on the current status of Speidi: 

“Last time we saw you we were super hated and now we’re pretty irrelevant and now you’re the most relevant, hated person that we know and I was like, you took our game.”

Spencer on his plans for the future:

“I wanna stay alive, I wanna get back to being famous and rich. That means joining a secret society—just kidding.”

Heidi, on secret societies:

“We’re not joining a secret society, it’s not worth our souls at the end of the day.”

Spencer on why Speidi is no longer relevant: 

“We were chanting ‘death to the New World Order’ about 10 years ago after watching all your documentaries, and then about a week later, we were no longer on television and haven’t had a consistent TV gig since then.”

Spencer, on crystals: 

“When I started buying crystals, it was so out there. Now it’s trendy and everyone buys crystals.”

Spencer, on “mysterious deaths:”

“Multiple people ‘died’ that were in our entourage. Our lawyer was allegedly…he’s no long alive. Heidi’s plastic surgeon, no longer alive.”

Spencer, on helicopters: 

“The black helicopters are real. We definitely had multiple black helicopters hovering over our Hills set.”

And finally, Heidi, on returning to the spotlight: 

“I am thankful for everything that’s happened. I’m ready to reemerge better than before and stronger in a way more prepared way.”

Sure, whatever. You can watch the whole batshit interview below: