March 6, 2014

We’ve got some pretty big news to share with y’all. We’ve been aware for some time now that you, our loyal BULLETT magazine followers and fans, have only had a limited number of ways you could engage further with the work of the many exciting artists and designers featured in our pages—mainly through our online shop. Our editors decided our digital offerings still fell a bit short of giving you access to the complete BULLETT experience™, which is why we decided take things into full-blown IRL mode. Now, after countless hours of careful planning and preparation by the BULLETT team (seriously, we made at least five mood boards…), we are pleased to officially announce the opening of The BULLETT Shop, located on 47 Walker Street in the Tribeca neighborhood of NYC.

We’re psyched that alongside the handpicked clothing, shoes, and accessories by several of our favorite emerging designers like Andrea Crews, DEGEN, and Roberto Piqueras, we are also selling special clothing items created by genre-bending experimental artists, like Pictureplane and OTRO (a.k.a. Brady Gunnell). The shop also carries some exclusive items that currently cannot be found anywhere else in the United States, including a collection of rad tote bags by &WRK.

More than just a physical extension of our e-shop, for our IRL shop the BULLETT editors really dug deep to find interesting things for you to look at, and be inspired by, outside the realm of wearable. Hence why amongst the shop’s many well-positioned palm plants and blooming cacti, you will notice other stuff like cricket lollipops, designer homeware by Seletti x Toiletpaper, and cool art books you can peruse for awhile and then probably not buy (don’t worry, we won’t judge you).

We should also probably mention—in one final shameless plug within a plug for ourselves—that we’ve come up with some of our own t-shirt designs under the label “The BULLETT Shop”, which might be worth checking out if you decide to come by and/or share our current boner for baroque painters like Caravaggio.

The BULLETT Shop is open Tuesday through Sunday from noon – 8 P.M. Located at 47 Walker Street, New York, NY, 10013.

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