Here’s the Full Transcript of the ‘Controversial’ Julian Casablancas and Dev Hynes Interview


Here’s the Full Transcript of the ‘Controversial’ Julian Casablancas and Dev Hynes Interview



Last year Dev Hynes and Julian Casablancas had a conversation for Interview, which they ended up not letting them run, because the magazine would only publish an edited version. As Hynes explained on his blog last week, they took the conversation to Oyster magazine, who, they were assured, would not edit it. That didn’t turn out to be the case, as he explained.

Oyster magazine agreed to post it un edited.

They just posted the interview, I don’t know who it was involved, magazine, publicist… so i won’t fully point blame in any true direction right now… but they fully edited and censored it without telling us. Cutting out everything to do with race and my past that I discussed, which was not easy for me to do. Why? So they can have another bullshit piece to add to the noise of the internet? Keep us talking about prince & MJ, of course… but lets take out the section about the million man march… Let’s keep the section talking about first bands we played in… but take out the part where i talk in detail about being assaulted by security and having my knee knocked out of place at Lollapalooza.

“You had a chance to really add to something, and show people that there are real conversations taking place in the world right now, but you chose otherwise,” he added. “And prove yet again that the censorship of a free speaking Black man is of less value to you than retweets.”

As Vulture points outOyster has since removed the interview, which Casablancas has now shared in its entirety on his own site.

Among the edited sections include a story about Hynes being arrested while in Miami:

“There was a time I got illegally arrested in Miami like 2 years ago. They busted some club for not having a liquor license, but I was outside, I wasn’t inside. And they were going inside and wouldn’t let people in … I said ‘Look man, I need to get my stuff and I’m just gonna like leave. I have a flight back to New York in the morning.’ And he was like ‘That’s it!’ Hand cuffed me around the back, threw me in the back of the car and then left me in the car for 4 hours and I couldn’t do anything. And at one point, this is the scary moment: An officer came and opened the door and bent down to me and was like, ‘Hey man, it’s probably best if you just don’t say anything and um it should be cool …’ and closes that door. And I was thinking ‘WHAT!? That doesn’t make me feel good!’ You’re telling me to be quiet because the guy you work with is insane? What the fuck!?! It was so crazy.

Read the rest here.

Update: Bryan Ling of New Community Management, who rep Casablancas, has released the following statement on the matter:

In correspondences between New Community Mgmt & Life or Death PR, we’ve come to the conclusion that the Dev Hynes / Julian Casablancas interview was inadvertantly cut off in an email that we forwarded from Cult Records to Life or Death. Which was then forwarded to Oyster Magazine, who were assured it was the full transcript.

This was my mistake and want to apologize to Dev and Julian for omitting the rest of their conversation, and I’m sorry to our friends at Oyster who did not in any way censor their conversation.