February 14, 2013

One of David Fincher’s recurring directorial themes might be summed up as decayed decadence, depicted through debauched Harvard parties and backdoor Washington deals—the scum underneath the veneer of power. Fortunately for Justin Timberlake, Fincher’s more than capable of restraining his sensibilities in the “Suit & Tie” music video and delivering a product that’s all cool, no curdle. Adorned in his freshest costuming, Timberlake performs his comeback single at the type of party you only read about in magazines, with plenty of tight transitions and shadowy shots to underscore how much of an event this should be. There’s one of the greatest pop stars of his generation, one of the greatest directors of his generation, one of the greatest rappers of his generation—Jay-Z pops up halfway through to get into it—and by video’s end, when Timberlake and his Timber-bros are doing their best, boozy Rat Pack impersonation to fade out the song, there’s just the feeling that he can do pretty much whatever he wants right now. Which, duh.

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