January 31, 2013

Alcohol! It’s wonderful, but also awful. It also has the terrible effect of turning potentially reasonable people into raving, whooping monsters whose life mission becomes the fucking with all things possible, as an Orlando reporter found out when she was narrating a piece about Super Bowl preparation in New Orleans. As Jessica Sanchez began to describe the scene, a local drunk wandered in to bray something or other about the 49ers and how they were the best, only to stare dumbfounded as Sanchez spun it around on her, talking about how they were putting together a package on local rates of STDs and asking, “How long have you had an STD?”¬†Inebriated¬†irresponsibility quickly turns to sober reappraisal of the situation as the woman stutters “I don’t have an STD” before trying to immediately back out, only to return with a minor whoop when she realized she’d been had. But it’s a valuable lesson to anyone who ever has a drunk get in their personal space. (Just ignore the oblivious title on the YouTube: “Hot Reporter Owns Videobomber”)

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