Here’s Everything Donald Trump Has Already Done 5 Days In


Here’s Everything Donald Trump Has Already Done 5 Days In


Welcome to day 5 of president-elect Trump’s administration. Let’s see where things stand so far:

1) Says he plans to immediately deport 2-3 millions of undocumented immigrants.

2) Threatens that senate minority leader Harry Reid needs to be “careful” in a “legal sense” about criticizing Trump.

3) Refused to allow journalists to travel with him to his first meeting with president Obama, breaking tradition.

4) Goes on Twitter rant against the New York Times, including lying about something that he did actually say.

5) Dismisses tens of thousands of citizens exercising their Constitutional freedom of assembly as “professionals”

6) Meets with far-right British pol Nigel Farage, posing in front of a golden door of doom.

7) Argues that his upcoming trial for fraud in the Trump University case should be postponed until after he’s president because he’s too busy trying to get ready to become president.

8) Despite campaigning as an “outsider” immediately installs a rogues’ gallery of familiar Republican lobbyists and politicians on his transition team.

9) Dismisses birth control as a “nitty gritty” legislative detail not even worth speculating about at this point.

10) Said that ethics laws don’t apply to the president.

11) Refused to condemn any of the acts of hate and violence being perpetrated in his name.

All things considered, so far so good.