December 14, 2012

In case you haven’t turned on a news channel or your Twitter feed in the last hour, there is some breathlessly terrible stuff happening right now that makes a lot of things seem immensely banal though it’s important to remain clear-headed rather than the easy response, which is to wrap a blanket around one’s head and denounce the world as shit. But if you need a quick thing to make you smile while pulling it together so you can finish the rest of the work day, here’s a funny animated video that imagines Charlie Brown as an older sad sack in the mode of Louie, returning to his old town to find out that all of the Peanuts gang grew up to be a truly sad bunch. (There’s a getting-old-but-still-good riff on the Louie credits, and the requisite bummer-ed out take on everything.) It’s sort of NSFW, but maybe nobody will care right now.

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