December 4, 2012

In a casting decision that will either end up as runaway success or terribly unmitigated failure — there’s no room for middle ground — Ashton Kutcher was previously cast as Steve Jobs in a biopic called Jobs, which is not the Aaron Sorkin one. Trying to compete with Sorkin’s pedigree is a tall task, which is why Jobs has sped along a relatively quick-ish production cycle as so to pre-empt its competition. You can now see a photo of Kutcher as Jobs, which shows a slightly spooky physical resemblance and will surely go a long way toward reinforcing Kutcher’s ultimate feeling that he’s destined to be some kind of tech guru for the 21st century. (Probably not, but you never know.)

For my money, the producers could’ve done much, much better by casting Jason Schwartzman, who not only seems a better fit to evoke Jobs’s steely aloofness — if you think about it, he was basically a grown-up version of Rushmore‘s Max Fischer — but also looks just like the dude. At an old internship of mine, there was a company-wide e-mail sent out looking for recommendations over who should play Jobs in a biopic, long before Kutcher was cast. I suggested Schwartzman and even made a way too intricate photographic tableau to illustrate the resemblance, but was summarily ignored in favor of… I don’t remember, but I bet it was probably Kutcher. No one ever really knows what’s up, you know? Jobs will close January’s Sundance Film Festival.

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