December 27, 2012

Because I’m a crepuscular husk of a blogger filing every story from a hole in the ground that’s been fitted with wi-fi, I have a lot of #deep and #real feelings and opinions about basically every superhero movie that exists, most of which I will not bore you with. But honestly, Zack Snyder’s Superman remake, Man of Steel, looks like a steely, stale fart of a Malick-ripping summer bummer more likely to make DC Comics throw a billion dollars at Christopher Nolan so that he can helm darker superhero takes himself, rather than passing them off to third-rate imitators.

Dust Films may not agree with my perspective, but they’ve rendered a more playful, homemade version of the trailer that gives Snyder’s turgidness a breath of self-aware air, following in the “Sweding” tradition started by Michel Gondry’s Be Kind Rewind (or so I think) wherein big movies movies are replicated on shoestring, DIY budgets. There’s all that voiceover and slo-mo and quickly-cut action montage, but instead shot inside of a swimming pool, with toy models, with poorly applied beards. It is great, and it will make you laugh, and it will maybe allow emerge from the hole rather than languishing in dirt while sharing your opinions on that dastardly Snyder to an Internet that doesn’t really care; I’m over it, I swear, I promise. The original is below for comparison.

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