Here Are The 50 Most Popular Posts Published on Bullett in 2015


Here Are The 50 Most Popular Posts Published on Bullett in 2015


As maddening an experience as it is reading the internet in 2015, it’s somehow an order of magnitude more stupefying and frustrating making it. Every post you’re sure is going to catch on with readers and falls flat on its ass is a personal insult to you, the person that wrote it, the site who shared it, your entire family and future generations who will haunt the earth shackled to your cursed name. And then there are the idiotic posts that took 30 seconds to toss together that end up doing huge numbers. We’ve been doing this internet business for a long time now, and no one has any idea how the damn thing works yet.

Still, there are some safe bets that apply here specifically at Bullett and across the internet content apparatus at large. This year Donald Trump has been clicks-gold across all forms of media, which partly explains his stupefying, stupid prominence in the election cycle. Celebrities still, of course tend to do well, which is no surprise to anyone, but slightly dispiriting all the same. There’s nothing quite so crushing as writing about an emerging artist you really believe in only to see it pull in like 100 views, then posting a gif of Rihanna farting into a toaster and see it get tens of thousands of shares. I blame you people. Just kidding, but not really.

I’d say it’s been a weird year here at Bullett, but that would imply that there were other, more predictable years; they’re all weird. So here’s a look back at the most popular posts we’ve published this year — some of them, like the unkillable damn Coachella post and the Make Your Own Platform Sneakers are still lurking around like zombies from years prior. Stay tuned in the next couple days for the best posts as well, the ones we’re most proud of. Many of these below are most certainly not them, but clicks, as they say, are still clicks after all.

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