Happy 30th Birthday to Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’


Happy 30th Birthday to Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’


Want to feel old? Madonna’s Like a Virgin was released thirty years ago today! That means if you were born today on November 12, 1985, you are 30 years old too. Bet that feels weird.

In honor of the album’s birthday, and maybe yours too!, here’s some hastily compiled information I read on Wikipedia and other popular internet sources, and have put together for the purposes of this blog post.

The album has sold 21 million copies around the world, which seems off, considering how many billions of people have existed since then.

The album’s main producer was Nile Rodgers, who you may know from being the other guy in the Daft Punk video.

Although she appears in a wedding dress on the album’s cover, Madonna was not married at the time.

It’s also unlikely that she was a virgin, despite the title.

I’m also not a virgin, as I’ve had sex numerous times, and it was good.

Neil Young did not have anything to do with the recording of the album. Be pretty cool if he had though.

“Into the Groove”, Madonna’s greatest song, and one of the best dance songs of all time, was not on the original pressing of the album. That seems like a huge fuck up! All worked out in the end though didn’t it?

Madonna ate garbage, literally, as she told Spin at the time.

Madonna is the name of a lady from the Bible.

The Madonna/whore complex was a popular psychoses that popular culture has leaned on for eternity in order to fuck up both young men and women alike.

The following are the top 5 songs from the album ranked in order:
Dress You Up
Material Girl
Over and Over
Like a Virgin

Lenny Pickett played saxophone on the album.