HAIM Powered Through the Torrential Downpour at Governors Ball


HAIM Powered Through the Torrential Downpour at Governors Ball


The most challenging task for performers at summer festivals is keeping the audience’s attention. Sweeping hundreds of rows back, distracted attendees chug overpriced beers, sneak lines of cocaine off their friend’s hand, snap regrettable selfies and make out with the stranger they just met waiting in a 25-minute line for their ramen burger.

They’re all “there for the music,” or at least that’s what they tell themselves, so when HAIM successfully captivated the Governors Ball crowd during Saturday’s torrential downpour, the Cali sister trio solidified their position as being one of music’s strongest acts today.

We stood (sunk) in the muddy sludge of Randall’s Island to bring you this brief, but thorough, breakdown of HAIM’s winning set.

When the skies opened up on New York’s squealing crowd, bassist Este Haim poured an entire bottle of water on her head in solidarity. Amazing.

Soaking wet, Este’s dress became completely transparent, as she proudly freed the nipple across the stage’s giant jumbotrons. In 2004, the moment would’ve been labeled a “wardrobe malfunction,” but today we all just screamed (because whatever).

Like Beck and Mac Miller, HAIM paid homage to Prince, but thankfully opted for something other than “Purple Rain,” which has been largely beaten to death. Their cover of 1984’s “I Would Die 4 U” was well done and complete with cute choreography.

The sisters played all their key songs, from “Forever” to “The Wire,” which still sound as fresh as when they were first released years ago. Timeless music today is hard to come by, but HAIM has it down.

They were all three dressed head-to-toe in Chloe, but Danielle looked particularly stunning in a loose cheetah blouse and sleek wide-legged trouser. This is festival style done right.

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Though the band hasn’t released anything since its 2013 full-length debut Days Are Gone, they announced they’ve been in the studio recording a sophomore LP.

One new song is called, “Give Me Just a Little Of Your Love,” and the other, “Nothing’s Wrong,” which is a standout, complete with an epic guitar solo by Danielle.

One of the more experimental cuts off Days Are Gone, “My Song 5,” sounds mind-blowing live. This is where Alana kills it on the drums and Este’s “bass face” reaches a new level of outrageous. 


As all the suburban girls’ fan tees said, “Go HAIM or Go Home.”