Gucci Mane Sentenced to Three Years in Prison, So Here Are His Best Songs


Gucci Mane Sentenced to Three Years in Prison, So Here Are His Best Songs


Gucci Mane copped a plea yesterday on federal gun charges and will spend the next three years in prison. Which really sucks because for the last three years Gucci has been the best rapper alive, despite the multiple arrests and Twitter breakdowns—remember last fall when he started beef with every other rapper then blamed it on drug addiction?

People will argue, but as someone who listens solely to rap mixtapes, there is no one like Guwop. He released 11 titles last year alone, helping break Young Scooter, Migos, Richie Homie Quan and Young Thug. Not every song was good, but the majority were decent and some were flat out classics.

The same people who will argue that Gucci isn’t the best rapper alive will say also he isn’t even in his prime. No, Gucci’s best period was in 2007-8, the haters will say, right after he beat a murder charge. (Young Jeezy sent a crew after Gucci; he shot his way out, killing one man in self-defense.) Gucci decided to stop writing lyrics down and started free-styling every song. This era peaked with his epic verse on “Steady Mobbin’,” a single with Lil Wayne. “Gucci armed and dangerous/cocaine, codeine and angel dust…” That’s him on a radio hit. The song is so hard that Weezy still opens his live show with it.

That era–we’ll call it mid career Gucci–produced some amazing music. But it doesn’t compare to the insane range of late Gucci, which began around 2012, peaked with his screen debut in Spring Breakers (he played a murderer of course), and now ends with the pending bid.

I managed to see him perform once during this epoch. In fall 2012 at Irving Plaza, Gucci came out as a guest during a Waka Flocka show. It was the single worst concert performance I’ve ever seen. Gucci was fucked up and rubbing his sweaty face like a junky. He was lyrically lazy, barely audible. Or, everything you’d expect from a murdering crack head millionaire rap star addicted to opiates.

Below is proof that late Gucci is incomparable with any rapper alive. Because this is time sensitive news-y blog post, I’m gonna freestyle 10 songs of late Gucci genius that when compiled would make, oh, the best rap album since Cam’ron’s Purple Haze (2004). Let’s call this fake album Gucci Goes to Prison Vol 3.

“The Truth”
Best diss ever? He tells Jeezy he is going to kill in approximately 26 ways. Let’s open the psuedo-album with a death threat.

“One Minute”
Fast paced and hard, not slow and Southern, to offset Gucci’s repute as a slow talking junky.

“Hell Yes”
A slow jam for the ladies…

This is what Eminem would sound like if were he a cool black guy not a white nerd.

“Darker featuring Chief Keef”
A super hard song featuring his criminal understudy, teen rap star Chief Keef.

“Too Many”
I feel bad. Gucci has too many women, cars, jewels etc.

“Bullet Wound featuring Lil Wayne and young Scooter”
This is Wop telling you not to fuck with him: “Go to war with a grizzily bear, burn your house with your kids in there

Do you eat breakfast? Gucci does not. He east molly, lean and weed instead, obviously.

“Pull Up on You”
Again: Do Not Fuck w/ Gucci. He will have some young niggas pull up and shoot you.

“White Man”
Gucci gets does “more drugs than a rock band” and gets “drunker than white man.” But he doesn’t “wear no skinny jeans because he’s got damn bands” of money. Duh!

Now tell me Gucci Goes to Prison Vol. 3 isn’t the best rap album in the last decade.