November 29, 2012

Sometimes when I’m reading the fashion blogosphere, I hear it as Kristen Bell’s resonant voiceover: You know you love me. Ex-Oh-Ex-Oh, Gossip Girl…

So last night before bed, Bell’s voice chimed in with this one headline, “ACCORDING TO PURPLE’S RELIABLE SOURCES, ALEX WANG IS TAKING OVER AT BALENCIAGA.”

Surely enough, we soon saw the ripple of the Times and Cathy Horyn reporting:

In the continuing Balenciaga drama, Alexander Wang appears to be the leading candidate to succeed the star designer Nicolas Ghesquiere, and an announcement of his appointment could be made as early as next week, a Paris source with knowledge of the discussions said on Wednesday night.

Things that make sense about this appointment: both Wang’s brand and Balenciaga are owned by PPR and, as Steve Oklyn of NOT VOGUE (which, btw, prophesied this selection weeks ago) commented, PPR may be looking for the same youthful/downtown New York energy that LVMH scored with when they hired Marc Jacobs to do Vuitton. Oklyn also said this: “Alexander Wang will be the Calvin Klein of China.”


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