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Glenn Beck Drenches Obama In Urine In New Art World Shocker

Art & Design

Glenn Beck Drenches Obama In Urine In New Art World Shocker


Professional and actual troll Glenn Beck has certainly got liberals in a bind with his latest stunt. The hovering, disembodied, gray face of petulance has reacted to a controversial painting on display in Boston that depicts a crucified President Obama wearing a crown of thorns by concocting his own shocking art piece, submerging an Obama figurine in “urine.” (via Gawker).

And while some may find it surprising that Glenn would support the right for a person to paint a picture of Obama as Christ, he said it all goes to the Constitution – the one irrefutable piece of art which gives people the freedom.

“That document says I can’t stop him, and the spirit of that document is that I shouldn’t try,” he said.

But would people on the left agree with Glenn? In the same way that the artist pushed the buttons of conservatives and people of faith with his painting of Obama, Glenn decided to create his own piece of art with Obama.

“Oh shit, how are we supposed to react to this?” confused Democrats everywhere are thinking. “I guess we’ll just have to rethink everything we know about our core values of freedom of expression and artistic creativity and toss them right out the window, because that’s definitely how we roll.”

Fortunately there is much of the latter going on in the stunt, so the actual appropriate reaction here is a big yawn.

The piece, entitled “Obama in Pee Pee,” will soon to be on sale for $25,000, and will probably be purchased by a big fancy New York City art world liberal, because those people are all into really weird pee stuff. Also, art.

Michael D’Antuono, the artist behind the Obama crucifixtion piece, “The Truth,” has been met with harshly negative reactions everytime he’s tried to show it over the last few years. He told the Boston Globe that  “he personally does not associate Obama with Christ; rather, this work is a commentary on the conservative media, who he thinks ‘crucified’ Obama with their attacks. Additionally, the conservative press promoted the idea that liberals thought Obama was their ‘savior,’ D’Antuono said.”

As a Boston resident, a supporter of Obama (mostly), and a snooty cheese-eating professional art critic, the most offensive thing about the painting is that the name The Truth is already taken around here.

“People were very upset and I was in no way comparing the President to Jesus,” D’Antuono said. “That wasn’t the concept of the piece; I just took the things that were associated with Obama at the time.”

That’s a good idea, which is why I’m working on a new Glenn Beck installation comprised of things I associate with him. It’s an empty room with a scared little man quivering in the corner muttering “Piss Christ”, “National Endowment for the Arts”, “Piss Christ” over and over, and defecating into mason jars hoping to get his absent father’s attention.


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