Glasser Selects 10 Songs to Listen to While Walking the New York City Streets


Glasser Selects 10 Songs to Listen to While Walking the New York City Streets


The last time Cameron Mesirow released an album, she was basking in the West Coast sun and stretching out in the open air. That was 2010, the album was called Ring, and it introduced the world to Glasser, the name Mesirow assumes when she creates her spiralling electronic pop. Flash forward nearly three years, and Mesirow is now a New Yorker, something she hopes you’ll pick up on when her new album, Interiors, drops on October 8th. The singer has cited New York’s sentinel towers and crammed spaces as inspiration, and you can hear a sample for yourself in the record’s lead single, “Shape”. In keeping with the whole NYC-as-inspiration thing, we asked Mesirow to provide us with some essential tracks to listen to while walking the big city streets, something that if you haven’t yet done, you must.
“Your Woman” – White Town
I don’t know what this song is really about, but it doesn’t matter, that’s how much I like it.


“4” – Aphex Twin
This song is such a sweet opener to an amazing album, it makes me think Richard D. James is a romantic with a real purpose, and not the floating head he makes himself out to be all the time.


Cruel Summer” – Bananarama
Songs about oppressive heat are generally good, this one is really good.


“Maidori” – Himekami
This song is begging to be sung, I have a feeling Himekami is someone who always wishes that they had a crystalline voice and good pitch but had to settle for synthesizers singing for them.  It’s very good in its current incarnation though.


“Save a Prayer” – Duran Duran
Certain people can just get away with melodrama, and Simon Le Bon is one of them.
“Subterraneans” – David Bowie
An amazing moment on an amazing album.


“Cafe Kaputt” – Tim Story
I pretend I’m in a movie, all the time.


“I’ve Done It Again” – Grace Jones
A tender Grace Jones moment, where she removes herself from the angular character that she presents in general.  I love that kind of vulnerability.


“Facelift” – Jan Jelinek
Love the rhythm in this song, jazzy.


“Dust Off” – Moebius
High-rise buildings coming to life and asking me to dance.