Gawker: America’s #1 Sensationalist Photo-Shaming Blog


Gawker: America’s #1 Sensationalist Photo-Shaming Blog


Gawker, the nation’s media conscience, has a post today criticizing the New York Post for running a photo on the cover of a man about to be murdered on the streets of New York City. “To paraphrase Marge Simpson,” Cord Jefferson writes, “the Post turned into a snuff film fanzine so gradually, I hardly even noticed.” Included along with the post is the photo in question.

A couple of weeks ago, Gawker, blog game Jeremy Bentham, introduced a discussion about the ethical implications of the Post publishing a photo of a man about to be run over by a subway train on its cover. Included along with the post is the photo in question.

Yesterday, Gawker, New York City Word Press ombudsman, ran a post about US magazine publishing a paparazzi photo of Anne Hathaway’s vagina. In October they published a shaming expose about a Reddit contributor responsible for moderating forums in which photos of unsuspecting women and girls are shared. Included along with the former post is the celebrity vagina in question. Earlier they ran a post called “Despite Takedown Notice, Reddit’s Creepiest Community Is Still Sharing Your Nudes” following on the heels of “Ladies: 8,000 Creeps on Reddit Are Sharing the Nude Photos You Posted to Photobucket.” Included along with both posts were images of said photos.

On Monday, Gawker, the internet’s #1 source for moralizing think pieces about sharing sexting images, ran a post about a new Tumblr called “Snapchat Sluts”, saying at least it wasn’t as bad as the work of revenge-porn troll Hunter Moore’s work on the site Is Anyone Up? whose work they regularly cover in titillating and sufficiently outraged detail. Included along with the post is a collage of all of the Snapchat “sluts.”

Last week Gawker’s tech site Gizmodo published a slideshow called The Most Infamous Sexts of 2012 (NSFW). Most of the sexts in question had been previously covered on Gawker, including this post called “Olivia Munn’s Super Dirty Alleged Naked Pics: ‘Lick My Tight Asshole and Choke Me.” Included along with that post were images that provided a handy map to the location of said “tight asshole.”

In case you wanted to emulate those celebs, this post had you covered. How to Take Flawless Phone Pics of Your Naked Body.

Here’s a link to a post about the important news regarding rapper Joe Budden’s dick pics from the other day. Gawker editor AJ Daulerio famously made his name at Gawker sports concern Deadspin by sleuthing out pictures of Brett Favre’s penis. Let’s not overlook the news they broke this summer about an Olympian’s cock either.

Definitely not a porn site, in that it’s just porn but you wouldn’t necessarily go there to masturbate, Gawker, also has a post from last week called The 13 Most Powerful Images of Naked Celebrities of 2012.  A few weeks ago, they performed the important editorial function of sharing with their readers The Collected NSFW Videos of Alexis Wright, the Maine Zumba Madam. Because this was a matter of public interest. And this Hulk Hogan sex tape and this video of a woman masturbating in a college library.

Speaking of tight assholes, last spring, Gawker, which, you get the point, published photos of a man’s face that had been eaten off by the Miami “bath salts zombie.” Included along with the post was the thing I just said they included.

Remember earlier this year when gay porn-themed military suicide journal of record, Gawker, posted about the super hot gay porn military dude who had recently killed himself? Included along with the post was a photo of the super hot gay porn military dude looking super hot, gay, and military-like.

Over the summer Gawker, concerned about exposing the horrors of the Mexican drug war to its readers, published a post called “Welcome To ‘Mexican Drug Blood’” including images of severed heads and limbs. Unrelated, but Here’s Video of a Guy Masturbating on the F Train Earlier This Morning. And here’s a post about soon-to-be-murdered reporter Marie Colvin crying out over no one coming to the aid of a boy being killed in Syria.

Included along with the post is the video of a baby boy dying.


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