January 29, 2013

So, Gaspar Noe—director of Enter the VoidIrreversible, and all those other movies you shouldn’t watch after smoking meth—has made a music video for Animal Collective—those lovable, bloggable experimentalists—and their song “Applesauce” off last year’s Centipede Hz. The video’s premise is incredibly simple: Against a backdrop of changing, strobing colors, a woman eats a peach. Really, that’s it. The camera is close up on her jaw, so you can see the light reflect ever so slightly against her mouth as she continues to devour the peach, juicy mess and all, until it’s nothing more than a pulpy shred. It is…a little sexy, to be honest, if not completely repetitive. Right now, the top-rated YouTube comment is from reader Jerdna3, who notes:

The visuals just dont fit with the song well enough for me. The slow movement and borderline sinister vibe awkwardly dominate such a busy and upbeat song and the flashing lights aren’t enough for it to tie it all together. Thanks for making my eyeballs hurt again Noe.

To which I know, “Pshhh, loser.” What’s your deal? Watch it below, but definitely not if you’re epileptic or prone to headaches.

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