The Fun-Loving Dudes of Caveman Share Their SXSW Photo Diary


The Fun-Loving Dudes of Caveman Share Their SXSW Photo Diary


Another SXSW has come and gone and for those of us who weren’t there, all we really have to judge it by is a handful of blurry Instagram posts taken by our dumb drunk friends at various shows. Luckily the lovely fellows of quintessential New York indie outfit Caveman remained coherent enough to snap this photo diary of the festival, complete with predictably charming captions. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing these guys for a few years, and trust me when I say they know how to enjoy themselves, both in the obvious, party sense but also on account of the fact that they’re never not grinning and acting goofy whether they’re at their own, killer South By show or hanging at a dive bar in the East Village.

This year Caveman was there teasing gems from their forthcoming album Otero War (to be released by Cinematic Music Group) including their latest, instantly obsession-worthy single “Human.” Stream it below while you enjoy the awesome silliness that was Caveman’s SXSW.


“On the first day of our trip to @sxsw we played the PlayStation house where we all posed with PlayStations to rub it in the face of one of our friends back home… Trust us, he deserves it!”


“Matt’s first time experiencing Virtual Reality. Eventually it got too real.”


“Jimmy ran into the one and only Nardward. They seemed to hit it off nicely.”


“Our last show on the first night was at the Sidewinder for the @groundcontroltouring party. Let’s just say we enjoyed ourselves.”


“After the second night at @sxsw. Matt and Jimmy had a very serious FaceTime session with Sam.”


“Jeff seemed to enjoy his new glasses!”


“Matt Clark had to do multiple jobs at our Jam In The Van session.”


“Always good to catch up with our dude Joey Badda$$. We had a great time playing this show together for our label Cinematic Records.”


“Our good friend Chris Yerington put up the “33 Eyes” art he made of us at a park in Austin.”


“Jimmy and Matt got asked to record a song for something that ended up being totally different than we had thought… So we decided to play “Don’t Cry” by Guns n Roses. Those are some funny faces!”

caveman16“We got to reconnect with one of our good friends Sean Moeller, who started Daytrotter. This is us doing the session.”


“Here we have us being interviewed for Slacker Radio. We talked about a lot of funny things and played Cards Against Humanity.”


“End of the night bike ride back to our hotels with our good friend Johnny T after seeing NoFX.”


“This is where we sign off. Popped into New Orleans to hangout with our friend Deshawn… We watched a synth metal band from Finland. It got crazy.”