French Musician Yuksek Talks Second Album


French Musician Yuksek Talks Second Album


Although French-born Pierre-Alexandre Busson trained classically at the renowned “Conservatoire de Paris” it was when, in 2006, that he traded in his piano for a synthesizer, and adopted the moniker Yuksek that his music garnered international press. His second album,“Living on the Edge of Time” ( to be released in the US in January,) finds the composer partnering up with bands like Bewitched Hands and The Shoes, for an album thats equal parts dance and pop.

When did you get into electronic music ?

I have over ten years of classical music training and have always listened to many genres of music, including electronic, and, I’ve always been interested in instruments and studio production. I’m most  influenced by musician Ray Manzarek‘s keyboards , Beastie Boys samplers, Kraftwerk‘s drum machines, and the deviant pop from the 80’s like Human League.

Do you listen to a lot of electronic music in your own time?

To be honest not really, a little bit but not much techno or dance.

What have you been listening to these days?

I’m crazy about the latest The Horrors album, Metronomy, and, of course, Beach House.

What inspires you and your music?

A mix of everything I’ve listened to since I was born. But when I’m in the studio I try not to listen to too much music.

What do you think makes a great song ?

The magic of the melodics, and a beautiful voice.

Can you tell us about the electronic music boom that came to France a few years ago? Do you consider yourself a part of that movement?

There has always been many interesting musicians in France making electronic music, and most of the time those people are real songwriters that use electronic production as a tool, like Air, Phoenix, Justice or even the Dafts. In that way I think I have the same way of thinking about music.

What is your new album about?

About sending some love to the world.

Is it very different from your first album?

I think it’s more indie/dance and pop compared to the first one which was definitely more electro. And, what’s nice, is that I’m singing all the tracks myself, and there are no guest vocalists, which I used for my previous record which featured Chromeo, Amanda Blank, and Shit Disco.

Living On The Edge Of Time will be released in the US in January – will there be a US tour?

Of course! We will be in Austin for South By South West, and then, we have a couple of shows around there and then we’ll stay on for 2 weeks around the US.