Fox-5 Reporter Drops Racial Slur When Discussing President Obama’s Inauguration

Fox-5 Reporter

Trawling for attention via videos like this is, unfortunately, a hallmark of the Internet, but I’m sharing it because of my reaction to the video as it played out in real time. I think it might echo yours, too. You see that headline, and think it’s probably some glazed over white dude who accidentally called the president a racial slur when talking about the upcoming inauguration. Messed up, but what are we online for if not to point at people unintentionally exposing their racist subtext?

You click the video, see that both of the news anchors are African-American, and think to yourself, “Oh, that’s awkward if one of them said it on air but not explicitly racist, because… obviously?” Then, they cut to a smiling, made-up white lady in her lemon outfit and stretched smile, and your mouth begins to widen… and widen… and widen until she drops the instructive phrase regarding the Willard Hotel, expected to be a center of attention during the inauguration: “It’s been a key n—– inaugural spot for over 150 years.” The mouth keeps widening. I can’t imagine how awful the conversations about that must’ve been after the break, but maybe we’ll find out!