Four Magazines You Should Start Reading in 2K15


Four Magazines You Should Start Reading in 2K15

Image courtesy of The Editorial Magazine

Some are online. Some are in print. All of these independent publications are worth checking out.


With a fresh mix of arts and anti-capitalism, Mask favors long interviews that let artists and activists tell it like it is in their own words. Their editor is the Finnish Brooklyn transplant Hanna Hurr who’s done my favorite interviews of theirs, like conversations with artist Juliana Huxtable and prison abolitionist Vikki Law.

Topical Cream

Topical Cream is all about women working in fashion, arts, and technology, especially those ones here in New York. Its founding editor Lyndsy Welgos does much of the photography for the mag, giving the site its signature glam futuristic style whether it’s portraits accompanying an artist interview like this one with Kari Altmann or the photos for offbeat fashion editorials like this one on spray tans.

The Editorial

The Editorial is full of analog photography and editorials favoring a certain slacker elegance. A family affair, its editor-in-chief Claire Milbrath started the mag in her bedroom in Montreal and her older sister Darby is also an editor. In addition to devoting much of its (print!) pages to photography, paintings, and illustrations of emerging artists often with a childlike rawness, there are Q&As with photographers, artists, and musicians. Full disclosure: I write regularly for them.

True Laurels

True Laurels is a Baltimore-based zine dedicated to the local music scene there, but that aspires to create a conversation that transcends just music. In addition to featuring musician interviews, artists often write their own candid dairies for the mag and its editor Lawrence Burney doesn’t shy away from politics, devoting space, for example, to his personal reactions to the shooting of Michael Brown.