Five Minutes Backstage with The Wombats


Five Minutes Backstage with The Wombats


Photography by Dario Castillo

First emerging from the Underground in 2007 with the power-pop hit, “Let’s Dance To Joy Division,” The Wombats are a brash group of Liverpudlians, who’re quietly developing a major following in the U.S. Their music influences recall the greatest tracks of the ’80s, twisting that soaring sound into their own recipe of jumpy Euro-style indie-rock.

The band’s latest album, Glitterbug, has eschewed their earlier efforts for an updated, shinier pop excursion. Songs range from dance romps to spacey, synth-laced numbers; you can find solace in “Greek Tragedy” or dance like there’s no end in “Your Body Is A Weapon.”

Sitting down backstage with lead vocalist and guitarist Matthew Murphy helps peer inside the mind of a rock star who’s not afraid to be himself in a world dominated by a corporate brand mentality. Minutes before their massive sold-out show at NYC’s Webster Hall, we asked Murphy a few brief questions.


How did you first meet your bandmates?

“We met in University when we were all in art school together.”

Was it hard to first find out your sound?

“We just too fucking around and found it relatively quickly.”

Do you find you’re constantly evolving?

“Yes—I do think we’ve been constantly evolving. The first album was avant-grade, the second album was a movie thriller and the third album was a byproduct of the two meeting.”

What influenced Glitterbug?

“We did have a four-year break and were busy with touring. My life in London was dull, so I became a person who went out, getting wrecked and having lots of sex—I was chasing after hits.”

Do you have a favorite song on the album?

“Yes—I think my favorite song is “Isabel.” There were four different versions of it.”